Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pusat Servis Camera

Ini adalah antara pusat servis camera. Kedai ini selain servis ia turut menjual camera baru dan camera lama.

FB-3, 1st Floor Pudu Plaza , Jalan Landak, off Jalan Pudu, 55100,Kuala Lumpur.

Tel No: +6016 218 7810 / +6012 3806733
Fax No: +603 2148 7810

Operating Hour

Monday - Saturday : 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Sunday : 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur at Berjaya Times Square

Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur Program of Events for the Official Opening on 8th, 9th and 10th January 2010

Day 1: Fri, 8th January
10:00am: Arrival of Invited Guests/Media
10.15am: Media Registration
10.30am: Welcome by emcee
10.32am: Welcome speeches and Opening ceremony
10.50am: Official Launch of the Nikon Centre, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony followed by lion dance full performance
2.00pm: Malay Traditional (Jogget) Dance Performance
2.15pm: Models Shoot
4.00pm: Photo Talk & Slide Show by Salim Md Dom, (Bahasa Malaysia) ‘Inner Expressions’ (by invitation)
4.30pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
6.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
6.00pm: Photo Talk & Slide Show by Kelvin Chan,’ Travelogue of Kashmir & Ladakh’ (by invitation)
7.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
8.00pm: Models Shoot
9.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest

Day 2: Sat, 9th January
12.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
12.00pm: Photo Talk & Slide Show by Arthur Teng, ‘Colours’ (by invitation)
1.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
2.00pm: Chinese Cultural (Fan) Dance Performance
2.15pm: Chinese Cultural (Mask Changing) Performance
2.30pm: Models Shoot
3.30pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
4.00pm: Photo Talk & Slide Show by John Kong, ‘From the Land below the Wind’ (by invitation)
5.30pm: Photo Talk& Slide Show by Louis Pang, ‘Lighting up Faces’ (by invitation)
6.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
7.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
8.00pm: Models Shoot
9.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest

Day 3: Sun, 10th January
12.00pm: Photo Talk & Slide Show by Ricky Teoh, ‘My World of Flora and Fauna’ (by invitation)
12.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
1.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest
1.30pm: Photo Talk & Slide Show by Ernie Teh, (Mandarin) ‘Of travels, landscapes and people’ (by invitation)
3.00pm: Indian Cultural Performance
3.30pm: Chinese Opera Performance
4.00pm: Models Shoot ~ ‘A Celebration of Colours, Culture & Heritage with Nikon’
5.00pm: Public Q & A ‘Win a Prize’ Contest

1. During the 3 days of events, all cultural performances, models shoot and the Nikon Charity Photo Shoot, an event where the public can have their portraits photo taken against a backdrop of a nostalgia theme or comic strips, will be held at the Concourse at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.
2. As for the Nikon Charity Photo Shoot, the full collection from the proceeds of this event is to benefit the (MAB) Malaysian Association for the Blind.
3. The Nikon Photography Contest 2010 ‘A Celebration of Colours, Culture and Heritage with Nikon’ will be launched on the 8th Jan and photographers can obtain the entry forms at the Nikon Centre.
3. Photo Talks by Guest Speakers at the Seminar Room for the 3 days are by invitation.
4. Timing and program of events may change without prior notice.

maklumat lanjut di

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Intan Suraya Resort : Hari Ketiga

Permandangan Indah Intan Suraya Resort di tepi sungai perak.

Juadah makanan yang dihidangkan secara citarasa kampung menaikkan lagi selera makan.

Presentation hasil kerja masing2 oleh peserta kursus. Setiap peserta memilih 10 gambar terbaik untuk dibentangkan.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kursus Multimedia (Fotografi & Grafik)

Hari Pertama di Intan Suraya Resort.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Model Cilik Bulan Disember

Sarah Adriana
DOB 22/5/2006

Foto by : Fahmi

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kursus Multimedia Digital ( Fotografi dan Videografi)

Kelab Merancang mengadakan Kem Multimedia Digital ( Fotografi dan Videografi). Maklumat seperti berikut:

Tarikh : Februari 2010 (tarikh akan di update)
Masa : 3 hari 2 Malam
Yuran : RM380

Bagi Peminat-peminat yang tidak berkesmpatan mengikuti kursus pada 25-27 dis 2009..jangan lepaskan peluang mengikuti Kem ini. Pendaftaran dibuka sekarang.

Maklumat lanjut sila email ke

Model Muslimah Bulan Disember

Nama : Siti Nurul Nadiah Binti Abdulah ( Nadia )
Telefon : 012-9795966
Berat : 55kg
Tinggi : 163cm

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nikon Centre - Talking Photography : 2-3 JAN 2010

Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur

Program of Events on 2 & 3 January 2010

 Sat, 2 January 2010

1.30pm:  Opening remarks, introduction of the Nikon Centre and welcome note by David Ng
1.45pm: Getting to know the Nikon Centre (Open discussion)

             Introduction to the theme for photo contest 'A Celebration of Colours, Culture & Heritage with Nikon'


2.15pm: Talking Photography – 'As I Read It'.

            Speaker: Alex Moh


In this session, Alex will share his experiences from the time he started photography as a hobby, to his working experiences with photographers in curating exhibitions and his thoughts for emerging photographers who want aesthetic directions in their work. This talk is ideal for emerging photographers who wants some directions in their journeys and with their works.

3.30pm onwards:  Nikon Walk About - 
'A Celebration of Colours, Culture & Heritage with Nikon'



Sun, 3 January 2010

1.30pm:  Opening remarks, introduction of the Nikon Centre and welcome note by David Ng
1.45pm: Getting to know the Nikon Centre (Open discussion)

             Introduction to the theme for photo contest 'A Celebration of Colours, Culture & Heritage with Nikon'


2.15pm: Talking Photography - What Makes A Good Picture?


Members of the panel will review selected images from the participants and share their thoughts on the reading of the images. It is a model platform for participants to have their works revealed and seek opinions on their strengths. Forum members are Kelvin Chan, Nikt Wong, Azrul Abdullah and Alex Moh.

(Interested participants are required to forward at least three and not more than five images in Jpeg, each with a file size of 500KB. The images can be a series, related in a theme, subject, or can be in a form a single image.)
3.30pm onwards: Nikon Walk About - 'A Celebration of Colours, Culture & Heritage with Nikon'



About our Guests Speakers


Kelvin Chan is a Director for an international advertising studio and he travels extensively to photograph landscapes and subjects of interest to him and for his stock images. He is a columnist for Advance Images, a local photography magazine. He speaks regularly at invited talks on his travel photographs and his travel photos have been featured in the Malaysian edition of Marie Clair. He is also a contributing photographer for Faces magazine and has conducted numerous photography workshops for Nikon Malaysia.


Nikt Wong is an internationally published photographer. His experience spans from social documentary and travel, to food and personalities. Some notable brands he has worked with are Berlitz, Insight Guides, Discovery Channel, ESPN, MPH, Action Asia, Wildlife Conservation Society and Khazanah. Being both a writer and photographer, Nikt has traveled extensively throughout the region and has conducted various talks and workshops on documentary photography. He recently won first prize in the KL Photo Awards 2009, for contemporary portraiture.


 Azrul Kevin Abdullah is a photographer based out in Kuala Lumpur and has been involved with a multitude of related industries including agency design/copy and was a member of the Malaysian Press before returning to his passion in photography. He has served clients ranging from architects to publishers in Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA.


Azrul has served as a speaker on digital photography for Apple Malaysia and has held various exhibitions in his favourite medium; traditional black and white. His work has appeared in various publications including Off The Edge, The Sun, Architecture Malaysia, Design and Architecture Asia, PlanB, Cubes, InDesign(Australia), Habitus (Australia), Concepts by Hoctief (Germany) and Harper's Bazaar. He has served as a judge for numerous photography competitions. Azrul was also the Official Studio Photographer for MIFA KL Fashion Week 2008.


Azrul was recently a resident judge for reality TV show, Ford Models Supermodel of the World (Malaysia) 2009 with model Amber Chia and a guest judge on Double Exposure. He currently runs a studio in KL. 


Alex Moh is a photographer, curator, critic, researcher, teacher and project coordinator for numerous photography projects at national and international arena since 2002. From 1997 to 1999, he was the President of the Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya (PSPJ). He is actively involved in the IPRN (International Photography Research Network), the Goethe Institute, Asia Europe Foundation, Singapore International Photography Festival, Month of Photography in Japan and other international photography institutions. He has jointly written several publications and was a Guest Curator for photography with the National Art Gallery Malaysia. To date he has participated and organised  exhibitions at venues ranging from the National Art Gallery Malaysia to private galleries, commercial exhibition centres, festivals, in Malaysia and abroad. He is currently the Manager at Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur.



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Monday, November 23, 2009

Kursus Multimedia Digital (Fotografi & Grafik)

sila klik gambar untuk melihat saiz besar dan download borang.

Kelab FotoHUKM dengan ini menganjurkan Kursus Multimedia Digital (Fotografi & Grafik)

Kursus yang dikan diadakan di Sungai Siput Perak ini merupakan suatu program yang penuh dengan keseronokan disamping menambah ilmu fotografi dan Grafik.

Jadi kepada peminat-peminat fotografi dan grafik jangan lepaskan peluang ini.

Maklumat lanjut sila hubungi hamydy : 031 2383464 ext 5921 atau terus berhubung dengan Pak Nan, Aien, shikin dari Unit Multimedia Blok pendidikan

Tarikh Tutup penyertaan 19 Dis 2009

Sila download borang dari poster diatas. Bagi staff PPUKM anda boleh hantar terus pada unit Multimedia (Pak Nan, Shikin, Aien), Hamydy (Mikrobiologi) bagi peserta luar anda boleh Fax pada 03 91737336 (attn Hamydy)

Pembayaran boleh dibuat terus kepada Pak Nan, Shikin, Aien (Unit Multimedia), Hamydy (Mikrobiologi) atau bagi peserta luar sila bank in kan pada akaun Maybank164137435448 (Abd Hamydy) (email :

Tentative Program

Jumaat 25/Dis/2009
4.00pm - Bertolak dari HUKM
*bagi peserta yang luarkawasan dan terdekat dgn resort boleh terus jumpa di Intan Suraya Resort.
8.00pm - Sesi Suai Kenal

Sabtu 26/Dis/2009
8.00 - 11.30am - Kuliah 1 (Fotografi)
Kuliah 2 (Grafik)
11.30 - 5.00pm - Tugasan
Shooting Pekan Kuala Kangsar
Menaiki bot ke kampung (Shooting dari atas boot dan kampung)
8.00-10.00pm - Menyiapkan tugasan untuk Presentation

Ahad 27/Dis/2009
8.00-12.00th - Presentation dan Penilaian
1.00pm - Bertolak pulang

Peralatan yang disediakan oleh Kelab untuk aktiviti kumpulan
1. 4 unit labtop
2. 4 unit camera DSLR

***Bagi peserta yang mempunyai labtop dan camera sendiri anda digalakkan membawa bersama.

Sila booking nama anda terlebih dahulu untuk tempat. Penyertaan akhir diberi keutamaan kepada yang telah membuat pembayaran.

email seni foto :

Senarai Peserta (Dalaman HUKM)
1. Prof Razman (Ketua Jab Surgeri)
2. Dr Wan Haslina (Surgeri)
3. Abdul Hamydy (Mikrobiologi)
4. Abd Hadi Abd Halim (Orthopedik)
5. Aida Farhana Abd Azizs (Orthopedik)
6. Nurmimi Edani Jamaludin (FaK Pendidikan UKM Bangi)
7. Norwati Yusof ( Fak Pendidikan UKM Bangi)
8. Hj Ismail Ibrahim (PTP Bangi)
9. Hasnan Musa (PPUKM)
10. Mohd Amir Saifuddin Hussain

Senarai Peserta Luar
1. Mohd Noor Arif (UiTM)
2. Mohd Jaslan Arif (UiTM)
3. Nurfatihah Hasnan (UiTM)
4. Mohd Khairol Anuar (UPNM)
5. Abd Rahman Putra Md Yunus
6. Suradi Abd Rahman (Hitech Padu Berhad USJ)
7. Izani (UiTM)
8. Hazaldin Taib (Jab Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia)
9. Mohd Jais Bin Tukimin (Maxis Communication Berhad)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Model Cilik Bulan November 2009

Nama - Mohammad Azim Daniel
Umur - 10 bulan
Jurufoto: Hafis

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Model Bulan November

Nama: Fascha
Umur: 23 tahun
Status: Bujang
Jabatan: JPMD
Lokasi: Felda Residence Hot Spring, Sungkai
Jurufoto: Izwan