Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Islamic Foto Contest

How can the unity of muslems be pictured?

How can the signs and symbols of unity among muslems be photographed?

Is it really possible to talk about problems and obstacles of unifying the Muslems in the world with the language of photographs.

These and many other questions alike can be answered by skilled and professional photographers around the world. In fact many of cultural and social movements in the world have been started by photographers. Some who like to change the way people are treating each other and some others who want to show people the way of being faithful to God.

Audio Visual & Cinematic Department of Culture in the East Azerbaijan provience in cooperation with the E-A Society for Artistic Photography is going to plan the “First International Artistic Photography Contest on Islamic Unity”.The organizers belive that there are many symbolic – abstractor real subjects around the world of Islam & Muslems that can be artisticly photographed - exhibited and saved to show the next generatins as well as gathering all muslems in one community.

The Contest will be held with the regulations as below:

1. All photographers form all over the world can participate.

2. Both B&W and Colour photos are accepted (up to 10 photos)

3. A copy of photos(1000 pixel) must be sent for judging and the accepted works will be asked to be sent or printed

in large size in full resolution after the first selections by the jury. (negatives and slide films can be scanned or printed in small size 13*18 cm to send)

4. Selected photos will not be returned. and will be exhibited in galleries. and will not be returned.

5. All selected photos will be published in a book and will be sent to the winners and those whose works are selected.

6. There will be 10 prize winners who wil be invited to attend the exhibition and the Winners Award Ceremony.

7. All rights of accepted photos belong to the photographers and organizers will only use photos to publish a catalogue and hold exhibitions.

8. All other unpredicted terms will be decided by the organizer.

9. Workshops will be held by the organizers during the contest.

10. Attach your name, address and the title of the work on the rear of each work.



Winners will receive An honorary diploma and prizes in cash as below:

1 st Prize (1000 euros in cash(

2 nd Prize (800 euros in cash)

‌3 rd Prize (500 euros in cash(

And From 4th to 10th selected by the jury (300 euros for each(


Closing date for arrivals of entries: 3/April/2008

Judging and announcement to the winners / selected works: 4/ May/2008

Exhibition: winners award ceremony 23/May/2008


All entries must be sent to:

Telfax: (+98 411) 3291311